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Nice to Meet You Too

Nice to Meet You Too

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Meet the front runners in 21st century design in this must have new book appropriately titled Nice to Meet You Too.Artists and studios featured range in their specialist fields from direction and design of moving image projects to product packaging, typography, event promotion, interior design, fashion, music photography, illustration, graphics, film, exhibitions and interior and product design.These talented individuals and agencies represent many different countries and cultures including Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Sweden, Ireland, and Hong Kong. With a focus on business cards, Nice to Meet Your Too offers inspiration and guidance for those seeking to use business cards as a tool to display one's personality, credibility, and confidence. Nice To Meet You Too is a vibrant mix of exciting new concepts and ideas by Sagmeister Inc, Antrepo Design Industry, CoDesign Ltd, There, StudioAad, Airside, Klein, 21_19 and more.