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1000 Graphic Elements: Special Details for Distinctive Designs

1000 Graphic Elements: Special Details for Distinctive Designs

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This book is as much about the possibilities as it is about the detail. Most projects begin with the former and arrive at the latter. The possibilities are often the justification we as designers give ourselves for all those late nights and obsessive thoughts.
Possibility is what keeps us inspired, and realization is what keeps us content. Detail is the challenge that connects the two. Getting the finer details to fall into place is an art form. Get it right and the project comes alive, get it wrong and the project can be a disaster. The line is fine between experimentation, exploitation, and excess, but should the design allow it, then it is a line worth exploring.
The work featured in this book exemplifies this exploration; 1000 examples of work that goes the extra inch or, in some cases, the extra mile. At first glance, many seem to have started life with the perfect brief, almost to the point where the budget seems as flexible as the concepts produced-a design Utopia you dream of but never experience firsthand. However, many of these solutions have emerged from hard-fought battles and persuasive designers doing whatever they can to progress their possibilities. In many cases, it's true to say "if you have nothing, the possibilities are endless"-a bad brief, a low budget, or a vague client might actually be the perfect platform to realizing those possibilities.