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Vassily Nesterenko: Paintings

Vassily Nesterenko: Paintings

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This Album is dedicated to the art work of Vassily Igorevich Nesterenko, National Artist of Russia. The majority of the artist's creative work has been assembled on the pages of this publication - paintings that portray Russian History, among which are the epic multifigured canvasses, such as "Triumph of the Russian Fleet" and "Defend Sevastopol!"; landscape compositions devoted to the Russian Land; studies, painted during creative journeys; portraits of outstanding personalities of Russian National Culture and Clergy, lyrical female images.
Many of Vassily Nesterenko's paintings contained in this Album can be considered Sacred Art - these are series of paintings depicting Holy Places, images of Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church and paintings dedicated to Orthodox Christian Feast Days. This publication also includes reproductions of monumental murals, paintings and icons completed by the artist for the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow and the Cathedral of Dormition in Dmitrov.
The book describes the creative path of Vassily Nesterenko, the history of the creation of many of his works, and also contains the explanation of the subject matter that had become the basis for the paintings and murals of the artist.