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Original Sin

Original Sin

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The stunningly beautiful Brooke Asgill is about to marry into one of the richest and most powerful families in America. David Billington, her husband-to-be, is America's sexiest, most eligible bachelor with his sights set firmly on the White House.
But the Asgill family have dark secrets. Matriarch Meredith Asgill is determined they will never see the light of day, so she hires London tabloid editor Tess Garrett as the family's personal publicist to protect their name.
Tess is feisty, resourceful and ruthless, but as she digs deeper she uncovers something no-one was ever supposed to know, something so explosive it could rip the whole family apart.
From Manhattan's exclusive upper east side to the tropical beaches of Hawaii, from the couture houses of Paris to the ocean-front mansions of the Florida Keys, Original Sin is sexy, shocking and vintage Tasmina Perry.