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Wyoming Stories 2: Bad Dirt

Wyoming Stories 2: Bad Dirt

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It's an isolated expanse of wasters and dreamers where the inhabitants say there's no place like home - while longing for icebergs and imported olives. Where men grow beards competitively and where Bible classes wonder, "What kind of furniture would Jesus pick?" It's a place populated by characters like Cheri Wham, who-married the school bully and is now raising a herd of beer-swilling children; Dr Playfire, who casts smug aspersions on his patients' paternity; and Gilbert Wolfscale, who farms turkeys and adorns them with Thanksgiving cranberry necklaces to outdo the supermarket birds with "breasts like Las Vegas strippers".
Full of cleverly wrought complications, magical twists and remarkable storytelling, this collection of stories is a must for all fans of the unexpected and delightfully strange.