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One Strategy

One Strategy

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One Strategy examines the concepts, capabilities, processes, and behaviors that are essential to aligning an organization around one strategy.
Learn some of the key management tools and processes the Windows 7 team put in place to manage strategy and execution. The themes in One Strategy are backed up through examples of internal blogs by Microsoft Division President Steven Sinofsky and merged with insightful context from technology and operations strategy expert Marco Iansiti, the David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. All about developing and executing great, innovative strategies, One Strategy reveals it is possible to build the right organizational capabilities and base of understanding, generate insightful strategies, develop detailed plans, and lead your corporate strategies to completion.
One Strategy shares hard-won insights, experiences, and lessons on:
  • Aligning a highly complex organization during uncertain times
  • Developing a framework for strategic integrity driven by planning, organization, and decision making
  • Translating strategic potential into impact
  • Building the capability, effectiveness, and trust that coaches, empowers, and inspires an organization
  • Motivating your organization to strive for strategic integrity
    ...each drawing from methods demonstrated in practice.