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All About Investing in Gold

All About Investing in Gold

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Gold is among the best investments for meeting both long- and short- term goals-and the market has never been easier or cheaper to enter!
All About Investing in Gold walks you through the often overlooked intricacies of investing in gold with a clarity and coherence you won't find in other books. Using real-world examples and simple, jargon-free language, All About Investing in Gold illustrates how gold investing works, why gold deserves a spot in your portfolio, and how to avoid the costly pitfalls many investors fall into when buying gold.
Whether you're new to the gold market or seeking to hone your expertise, All About Investing in Gold helps you:
  • Diversify your portfolio using gold as a key asset
  • Know when a gold investment is legitimate-and when it's a scam
  • Choose the best gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) and stock options for your needs
  • Use technical analysis to time your market entries and exits for maximum profit