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"Urban Celtic fantasy slides down a dark, depressing slope in bestseller Moning's third Fever thriller (after "Bloodfever"), centered on a hunt for the "Sinsar Dubh", a black magic book more than a million years old. As All Hallow's Eve in Dublin approaches, the walls between the human world and Faery verge on collapse. Can former Georgia peach MacKayla Mac Lane prevent a total invasion of the Unseelie Court? Originally intent on avenging her sister Alina's murder committed by Unseelie Lord Master, Mac's now a power-player in the war between the Seelie (good Fae) and Unseelie (bad Fae), after learning she's a Celtic sidhe-seeker who can sniff out OOPS (Objects of Power). Meanwhile, the attractive V'Lane, a death-by-sex Fae, wants Mac's help in securing the "Sinsar Dubh" for his Seelie queen, Aoibheal. At the end, erotic shocks await Mac in Dublin's vast Dark Zone, setting up feverish - if wary - expectations for the next installment".

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