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A Rural Affair

A Rural Affair

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Newly widowed Poppy Shilling should be feeling distraught at the death of her husband, Phil. But, instead, she can?t help feeling relieved. No longer will she have to endure Phil?s iron fist ruling over her and their two young children, or his unfortunate penchant for lycra cycling wear.
What?s more, when a secret is revealed after his death, Poppy?s memories of their life together are turned upside down.
Freed from the shackles of her loveless marriage, Poppy is determined not to make the same mistakes again. Fully embracing village life, she becomes the object of the local menfolk?s affections- from Bob, the resident odd ball, to Luke, the sexy church organist. But it?s just her luck that the one man who catches her eye can?t seem to let go of his glamorous ex wife?
Will Poppy have the courage to follow her heart and refuse to settle for second best? It?s time for a new beginning, and a chance to discover what real love feels like?