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The Oh My God Delusion

The Oh My God Delusion

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That risk assessor ex of Sorcha?s turned out to be right ? it really was the end of the world as we knew it ... See, I thought the porty was going to last forever. I certainly didn?t believe the current economic blahdy blah was going to affect people like me. But as I watched the shutters fall, one by one, on all my old haunts ? Renards, Mint, Guess Meanswear ? I was forced to question all the truths that I once held as sacred. Sorcha?s boutique was bleeding me dry, the Deportment of Social Welfare had stuck two yahoos in the penthouse next door, while Oisinn ? his business empire in ruins ? hadn?t been seen since he porked his cor at Dublin Airport and took off for who knows where. ?Isn?t it wonderful?? the old man went. ?Times like these, they bring out the best in people like us.? But just when I thought the recession couldn?t get any worse, an unexpected twist in the tale threatened to take away the most precious thing in the world to me.
Ross?s misadventures and on-the-nose observations never fail to provoke laugh-out-loud reaction. The Oh My God Delusion is no exception? bursting at the seams with spot-on parody