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Look up into the night sky and gaze in wonder ? The moon and the light it casts have been a muse for writers, artists, composers and visionaries throughout history. But today, in our increasingly urbanised world, the spread of artificial lighting seems set to rob the moon of its power. Now James Attlee invites us to turn our faces once more toward the night sky and contemplate the moon?s many moods. He takes us with him on a journey in search of moonlight and its meanings, from the kitsch to the sublime ? in the modern world, the ancient world, in art, books, music, and in science. And from his front door he travels to Normandy, Naples, Arizona, Wales, Las Vegas and Japan. Here, then, is a strangely illuminating traveller?s tale about a search for the all-but-vanished light of the moon ? and a passionate plea to turn off the lights and repossess the stolen night.