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Taschen's Favourite Spas

Taschen's Favourite Spas

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Relax! Enjoy a massage that loosens those tense muscles, a facial that smoothes away worry lines and shadows around the eyes and a light cuisine that helps make you beautiful from the inside: the spa is where body and soul find their balance. The word "spa" comes originally from the Belgian city Spa whose healing springs were renowned even in Roman times. From the 16th century onwards, the kings of Europe came here to cure their ills. But today just trying to keep an overview of the global "wellness" industry with its multitude of eastern, western, traditional, modern, holistic and specialised spa practices can - in direct contrast to the spa philosophy! - be a rather stressful experience.
With TASCHEN's Favourite Spas Angelika Taschen saves you the agony of choice and presents a selection of the most inviting locations worldwide. Her journey takes us to heavenly oases such as the historical manor of P?daste on the island of Muhu on Estonia's west coast; the Alpine Wellnesshotel Hubertus in Germany's Allg?u at 3,400 feet, which delivers a picture book mountain view; to the first Hilton Buddha Bar Spa in the classical French health resort of Evian-les-Bains, that combines treatments inspired by Tibetan medicine with modern east-meets-west design and the Shibui Spa from Robert de Niro's New York Greenwich Hotel that is located in a relocated 250 year old Japanese farmhouse. Further dream destinations include the Evason Ma'In Hot Springs & Six Senses Spa in Jordan where skin is made velvety soft with dead sea salts, the fantastic spa at the Four Season Hotel Hong Kong with its panorama view over Victoria harbour and the city skyline, and the Verana Jungle Spa, tucked away on the Mexican Pacific coast south of Puerto Vallarta, that is only accessible by boat.