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Prisse d'Avennes: Arab Art

Prisse d'Avennes: Arab Art

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Emile Prisse d'Avennes, a French Orientalist, author, and artist, was one of the greatest pre-20th century Egyptologists. An ardent admirer of the superh skills of Egyptian and Oriental artisans, he was enamored of Arabic art. As a youth he dreamed of exploring the Orient, and at 19 began traveling to Greece, India, and Palestine. Over the next 40 years he explored Syria, Arabia, Persia, and resided in Egypt and Algeria. Converting to Islam, he traveled to Egypt disguised as an Arab, using the name Idris Effendi. Fascinated by the symmetry, complexity, and opulence of Egyptian and Arabic art, he drew from this vast collection to create compilations of the finest examples of art and architecture, which also took into account historical, social, and religious contexts. In 1877, he published his outstanding survey on Islamic art and architecture, Arab Art (LArt arabe d'apres les monuments du Kaire, 1869-1877), in Paris.
This Taschen edition also includes his brilliant collection of 32 chromolithographs illustrating the people and costumes of the Nile Valley, which he published as the Oriental Album (OrientalAlbum: Characters. Costumes, and Modes of Life, the Valley of the Nile, London, 1848).
Prisse wrote later: "We shall discuss all the arts, all the industries cultivated by Orientals with so much taste, brilliance, and fantasy. We will present splendid reproductions of the monuments, objects of art and luxury, which provide evidence of an advanced civilization, the influence of which has been felt even in Europe".