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Kelly Hoppen Home: From Concept to Reality

Kelly Hoppen Home: From Concept to Reality

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Kelly Hoppen is an avatar of hip, high-end interior design, celebrated in the pages of "Architectural Digest", "In Style", and the "New York Times". Her cool, modernist aesthetic is at once timeless and at the cutting-edge of style today and "Kelly Hoppen Hom"e offers readers a chance to learn from the world-renowned British designer's chic design philosophy. Giving a clear picture of her approach at every stage - from the conception of an idea, through preparation and decision making, to implementing plans and achieving a reality - Kelly shares her insider secrets and reveals how to get the most from a living space.
Kelly's skill in understanding how a home works is illustrated in a portfolio of projects from the UK, United States, Israel, and Switzerland. Architectural plans and drawings, alongside stunning photographs of her latest work, help explain how to reconfigure a space by transforming ideas into workable schemes. Insightful text, practical tips, and information from expert consultants help explain how readers can become their own interior designer.