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The Book of Joe

The Book of Joe

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Fifteen years after leaving sleepy bush falls, Connecticut, Joe Goffman wrote a savage bestselling novel about his hometown. The book went on to become a hit movie, making Joe a pariah in the Falls, which was fine with him, since he never planned on going back. But when a family tragedy strikes, Joe is left with no choice. His return ignites a maelstrom of hostility among the town's still enraged residents. As Joe walks the familiar streets of his childhood, he revisits the terrible events of his senior year of high school, and the heartbreak and catastrophe from which he's never fully recovered. After almost two decades of hiding from it, Joe will finally have to face his troubled past and start mending fences with family, onetime schoolmates, and a former love. And with the help of some old friends, Joe might actually learn something - if he manages to live through the homecoming. "The Book of Joe" is a smart, poignant, and wickedly funny novel from the bestselling author of "This Is Where I Leave You".