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Search Marketing For Small Business: All You Need To Know To Build Mass Exposure For Your Small Business With Internet

Search Marketing For Small Business: All You Need To Know To Build Mass Exposure For Your Small Business With Internet

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The percentage of people who have internet access is growing at an astonishing rate, and many of those people are using the internet to research companies, find products or services, and make online purchase globally or locally. If you don’t have an internet presence and your competitors do, you could be losing out on a lot of business! But with billions of websites on the internet, and new pages being added at an estimated rate of 7.3 million every day, how can your customers find you? Generally speaking, if your business is not listed on the first or second page of the search engines results for popular ‘buyer keywords’, then your customers may never find you. Getting listed on the first page of search engines is only half of the battle as there’re more untapped ways of magnetizing customers using Twitter, Facebook Fanpage, Google Places, AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click), Facebook Ads, and Mobile Marketing. Being able to do tracking and traffic analysis to get insight about your current website also critical factors that will make your online effort a great success or a complete failure. And this book will help you do just all that! Some Reviews from real business owners: “I had the honor of being allowed to review Search Marketing for Small Businesses. This book has managed to condense into less than 300 pages what took me years of learning through trial and error experiences. The section on creating a Google Places is absolutely PRICELESS. I charge around $800.00 to complete the same service pretty much exactly the same way-- almost word for word. For an internet marketing consultant, like myself, this book can function as a bible. The amount of information is staggering. It is a completely comprehensive guide on how you can make internet marketing strategies work for you and your business without hiring outside help.” --Matthew Wong “I have just finished reading Search Marketing For Small Business and must say it is the most comprehensive book I have read in a long time. This is not a 5 minute read but a reference guide you will be using for a long time. Implement just some of the strategies and you will see results.” --Quentin Brown I was impressed with the detail that Search Marketing for Small Business had in it. Hits all the ‘important’ objectives needed for Online Business. I found it all very resourceful and I am much more confident to expand into other areas. It’s going to be my guide book to every site I put out, it’s the way our small businesses should be running and doing for a successful enterprise!” --Tresa Trujillo “With all content and no fluff, "Search Marketing for Small Business" is chock full of practical, user-ready information. Go slow, take notes and you're guaranteed to be up and running to grow your business presence online. And you'll do it quickly, easily and with measurable results. The book includes actionable, specific training in social media skills, blogging, ranking in google and so much more... In fact I've taken three tips to use right now including some great help with facebook fan pages. Absolute gold. Great work.” --Nathan Stockwell, Reading this book is like owning "One stop service" company that will improve traffic your websites, either you are a web administrator, a website owner, an advanced web programmer, or someone who just starting to learn how search engine works. The explanations are straight to the point and very easy to understand, but the most important thing is the example which could be directly implemented on our web page is also included. Simply, after reading this book I don't think you will need any SEO consultant. --Alvino Wijaksana