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The King's Buccaneer

The King's Buccaneer

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Nicholas, third son of Prince Arutha, is a gifted youngster, but sheltered by life at his father's court in Krondor. To learn more of the world outside the palace walls, Nicholas and his squire, Harry, set sail for pastoral Krydee where Arutha grew up.
Shortly after their arrival, Crydee is brutally attacked. The castle is reduced to ruins, the townspeople slaughtered and two young noblewomen - friends of Nicholas - are abducted.
As Nicholas ventures further from the familiar landmarks of his home in pursuit of the invaders, he learns that there is more at stake than the fate of his friends, more even than the fate of the Kingdom of the Isles, for behind the murderous pirates stands a force that threatens the whole world of Midkemia, and only he is destined to confront this terrifying threat...