Everybody's Golf. (PSP)

Everybody's Golf. (PSP)



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Golf doesn't have to be serious - and in "Everybody's Golf", it isn't! It is, however, a lot of fun: 34 funky characters (including unlockable PlayStation legends like Jak) and 13 challenging courses await, and an accessible, satisfying swing mechanic lies at the heart of it all.

A variety of modes keep the action fresh and exciting, including an online multiplayer mode that provides tournaments for up to 50 players! With such beautiful environments and a 'golf for all' mentality, Everybody's Golf is sure to keep you swinging for round after round of sporting excitement.

  • The most enjoyable, sun-drenched golfing experience on PlayStation 2.
  • 13 courses and 34 characters, plus a variety of game modes make for unrivalled variety.
  • Play with one to four players on one PlayStation 2, or head online to join tournaments with up to 50 players.

Языки интерфейса: английский.

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