Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2 (10 CD)

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2 (10 CD)

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Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

Over Hill, Over Dale

Oberon Is Passing Fell And Wrath

Well, Go Thy Way

How Now My Love?

Be It On Lion, Bear, Or Wolf, Or Bull

Welcome Wanderer!

Is All Our Company Her?

Fair Love, You Faint With Wand'ring In The Wood

Through The Forest Have I Gone

Stay, Though Thou Kill Me, Sweet Demetrius

Come, Now A Roundel And A Fairy Song

You Spotted Snakes With Double Tongue

What Thou Seest When Thou Dost Wake

Introduction The Wood

Are We All Met?

I See Their Knavery

Be Kind And Courteous To This Gentleman

Hail, Mortal, Hail!

I Have A Reas'nable Good Ear In Music

How Now, Mad Spirit?

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

Flower Of This Purple Dye

Puppet? Why So?

This Is Thy Negligence

Up And Down, Up And Down

On The Ground, Sleep Sound

My Gentle Robin, See'st Thou This Sweet Sight?

Helena! Hermi! Demetrius! Lysander!

When My Cue Comes, Call Me

Have You Sent To Bottom's House?

Now, Fair Hippolyta

Iff We Offend, It Is With Our Good Will

Gentles, Perchange You Wonder At This Show

In This Same Interlude It Doth Befall

Grim-Look'd Night, O Night With Hue So Black

Wall, Fur Often Hast Thou Heard My Moans

You Ladies, You Whose Gentle Hearts Do Fear

This Lanthorn Doth The Horned Moon Present

Sweet Moon, I Thank Thee For Thy Sunny Beams

Asleep, My Love?

Come, Your Bergomask

Now The Hungry Lion Roars

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

In May, In Brilliant Athens

Oh Gods Of Wrath

My Time's Too Short, Your Highness

Rome Is Now Ruled By The Etruscan Upstart

It Is An Axiom Among Kings

Here The Thirsty Evening

Who Reaches Heaven First

Maria Was Unmasked At A Masked Ball

Collatinus Is Politically Astute

There Goes A Happy Man!

Tarquinius Does Not Dare

My Horse! My Horse! Tarquinius Does Not Wait

Their Spinning-Wheel Unwinds

Listen! I Heard A Knock

Time Treads Upon The Hands Of Women

The Oatmeal Slippers Of Sleep

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

The Prosperity Of The Etruscans

She Sleeps As A Rose

Within This Frail Crucible Of Light

Lucretia!...What Do You Want?

Interlude Here In This Scene

Oh! What A Lovely Day!

We'll Leave The Orchids For Lucretia

Flowers Bring To Every Year

You Were Right

Lucretia! Lucretia!

Last Night Tarquinius Ravished Me

This Dead Hand Lets Fall

Epilogue Is It All?

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2


Theme - Scene The Journey

Interlude Variation I - Scene The Welcome

Interlude Variation II - Scene The Letter

Interlude Variation III - Scene The Tower

Interlude Variation IV - Scene The Window

Interlude Variation V - Scene The Lesson

Interlude Variation VI - Scene The Lake

Interlude Variation VII - Scene At Night

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

Interlude Variation VIII - Scene Colloquy And So- Lioquy

Interlude Variation IX - Scene The Bells

Interlude Variation X - Scene Miss Jessel

Interlude Variation XI - Scene The Bedroom

Interlude Variation XII - Scene Quint

Interlude Variation XIII - Scene The Piano

Interlude Variation XIV - Scene Flora

Interlude Variation XV - Scene Miles

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

My Mind Beats On

Who's That? A Foreigner, A Traveller No Doubt

Hey There, Hey There, You!

Serenissima...Low-Lying Clouds, Unending Grey

Overture Venice

Ah, Serenissima!

Mysterious Gondola

We Are Delighted To Greet The Signore

Was I Wrong To Come?

There Is Indeed In Every Artist's Nature

Children's Games Adziu, Adziu

Aou'! Stagando, Aou'

Naturally, Signore, I Understand

Here Will I Stay, Here Dedicate My Days

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2

First, The Race!

The Boy, Tadzio, Shall Inspire Me

So, It Has Come To This

Guardate, Signore!

Do I Detect A Scent?

Careful Search Now Leads Me To Them

This Way For The Players, Signori

Fiorir Rose In Mezo Al Giasso

One Moment, If You Please

In These Last Years

So It Is True

Receive The Stranger God

The Empty Beach Do What You Will With Me

Yes! A Very Wise Decision

Hurrah For The Piazza

Chaos, Chaos And Sickness

The Wind Still Blows From The Land

Interlude Ah, No!

Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2


The Tornament

Recitative & Fight

Entrance Of The Queen


The Two Lords' Explanation

Raleigh's Song

Ensemble Of Reconciliation

Recitative & Final March

Prelude & Dialogue

The Queen's Song

Cecil's Song Of Government

Recitative & Essex's Entry

First Lute Song

Second Lute Song

The First Duet For The Queen & Essex

Soliloquy & Prayer

Prelude & Welcome

The Masque


Prelude & Song


Double Duet


Britten Conducts Britten. Operas 2




Conversation & The Queen's Entrance



Morris Dance


The Queen's Burlesque



The Queen's Announcement



Prelude & Chatter

Essex's Intrusion

The Second Duet Of The Queen & Essex

The Dressing-Table Song

The Entrance Of Cecil

Cecil's Report


The Queen's Decision

Ballad - Rondo

Prelude & Verdict

Cecil's Warning

The Queen's Dilemma


Lady Essex's Pleading

Penepole Rich's Pleading

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