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What Architects Cook Up – Asia

What Architects Cook Up – Asia

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This cookbook by architects is dedicated to the Asian continent: in keeping with the Asian culture of eating—getting together, preparing, sharing, celebrating—it focuses on rites and ceremonies, traditions, and above all, setting and atmosphere. What is the right space for which ceremony, and how can the surrounding architecture create a certain atmosphere? What foods should be eaten at stalls amid the bustle of markets, when is the surrounding space of a restaurant the right backdrop, in direct contact with the chef and with a view of the desired foods, or sitting together in a group at a table or on tatamis? Renowned architects from various Asian countries tell stories by means of selected meals from their respective cultures in combination with their personal understanding of architecture. These engaging texts are supplemented by an introduction to the world of Asian cuisine as well as essays that provide insight into the architectural traditions of the countries and regions presented.