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Swedish Architecture in Wood

Swedish Architecture in Wood

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A selection of 8 works, selected from 200 entries, showing the foremost achievements of Swedish wooden architecture over recent years. They comprise: a cowshed, a riding school, an apartment block, a single-family housing development, an exhibition gallery, a school, three detached houses and two weekend cottages. Featuring buildings differing in size, type and use, with wood playing as a decisive part. Profusely illustrated by photographer ke E:son Lindman, with descriptions and drawings by the architects themselves. Beautifully crafted, informative, and inspiring. Buildings included: Villa Maria, Nacka; Riding School, Flyinge; Tjajkovski Weekend House, Husaro; Srgard School, Skillingaryd; Villa Roser, Skara; Stora Mosse Visitor Centre, Gnosj; stra Kvarnskogen, Sollentura; Fiskpigan Precint, Trosa; Detached House, Trosa; Lhammar Ladugard (Byre), sthammar; Juniper House, Gotland.