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The Ugly Sister

The Ugly Sister

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As Abi would be the first to know. She has spent her life in the shadow of her stunningly beautiful sister Cleo.
Headhunted as a supermodel when she was sixteen, Cleo has been all but lost to Abi for the last twenty years, with only a fleeting visit or brief email to connect them. So when Abi is invited to spend the summer with her sister's family, she can't bring herself to say no. Maybe Cleo is finally as keen as Abi to regain the closeness they shared in their youth?
But Abi is in for a shock. Soon she is left caring for her two very spoilt young nieces and handsome, unhappy brother-in-law Jon while Cleo plainly has other things on her mind. As Abi moves into her sister's life, she wrestles with uncomfortable feelings.
Could having beauty, wealth and fame lead to more unhappiness than not having them? Who in the family really is the ugly sister?