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Moroccan Bible

Moroccan Bible

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This title includes fresh, zesty and spicy flavours from Morocco. "Moroccan Bible" includes more than 120 authentic Moroccan recipes from tasty tagines, fluffy couscous and mouth-watering stews to refreshing soups, delicious sweets and traditional mint tea to finish your meal. The market place is at the heart of Moroccan cooking - the fragrance of fresh herbs and pungent spices, the visual thrill of intricately painted serving dishes and glowing fresh produce - and this book will help you to capture this in your cooking. Packed with colourful photographs and simple instructions, the recipes in "The Moroccan Bible" are designed to create a satisfying meal on their own or form part of a dellcious Moroccan feast to be shared with family and friends - this is fresh and spicy food with an authentic twist.