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Within Spas

Within Spas

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The spas of today are fuelled by a holistic awareness that is rapidly becoming a given in today's fast-paced society. As more people are getting in touch with their inner well-being, spas are the top choice destination for those after a balanced lifestyle. From inner city spas catering to busy executives to luxurious resorts dotting the fringes of exotic islands, each spa featured in the book was designed for the ultimate relaxation and pampering of the mind and soul, with some even picking up some awards along the way.
With the Asia-Pacific region fast establishing itself as a leader in spa design, this title showcases page after page of spa aesthetics in a delightful manner that is bound to capture the interest of spa worshippers, spa operators, designers, architects and the design-savvy public. With a visually stunning array of eye-catching photographs, Within Spas showcases a great variety of the leading spas in the Asia-Pacific region designed to appeal to the senses and promote an inner sense of well-being.