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Gabriele de Vecchi

Gabriele de Vecchi

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It is legitimate to ask what is the significance of being modern in the multi-media era, when virtual idioms are now actively operating outside the bounds of specific contexts. In my view, modernity must be sought via the tradition of form and via an in-depth knowledge of techniques and materials. This is the only way of mapping one's own identity and of understanding how one differs not just from others but from the half-glimpsed notions inherent in communications and the most common idioms. This would explain why the work of'Cabriele De Vecchi is undeniably modern, compared to other designers who work with silver, a material heavily-freighted with symbolic value.
A member of the Gruppo T, an architect and designer, Gabriele De Vecchi's background and experience are in a variety of fields that are complementary but are traditionally considered to be separate. As such, he represents a special case on the Italian design scene.
In the first instance, he is a specialist in silver. This is a material fraught with difficulties, in that its decorative and functional reputation is closely allied to a specific taste and style. These predate the great adventure of contemporary design that started with the Dessau Bauhaus and, via Vim, has developed into the international idiom of functional efficiency. Even Post-Modernism ultimately has its roots in this drive for functionalism and efficiency, its aim being to cater to a middle-market taste.