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The Charm of City Houses

The Charm of City Houses

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Living in the city offers a series of advantages: public transport, proximity to amenities, schools and work places, museums, sports centres, restaurants, etc. The city attracts an increasing number of young people, as well as the elders who return after having lived in the countryside or quiet suburbs for decades.
This book presents a series of recently renovated and remodelled urban residences: majestic master houses that are restored to their original glory, as well as contemporary island houses, exclusive villas, and new apartments, lofts and penthouses. A similarity lies in this range of diversified works: the inspirations of architects, interior designers and the residents into a spatial unity, serenity and quality of life that are reflected in the structure of each house, and in the selection of materials and colours.
This publication serves a source of inspiration for those who currently reside in the city, or are aspiring to purchase or rent a house to soak in the glorious sights and sounds of city life.