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My Mentor: Direction for Successful Twenty-First Century Leadership

My Mentor: Direction for Successful Twenty-First Century Leadership

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Phillip C. Reinke writes lovingly of the fifteen-year relationship he shared with his mentor, "a present-day Socrates, ancient yet wise beyond his years," a man who gave him timeless advice. My Mentor: Direction for Twenty-First Century Leadership relates experiences that range from humorous to heart-warming to heart-breaking, "each having a life-changing lesson that made me a better person for having been a participant. I wanted the readers to share in the wisdom of my mentor and also show people who mentor the methods and techniques of a good mentor." His book shows how important one inspiring person can be in another's life. "With each new lesson, each new story, you become more engaged and find yourself sitting in the author's shoes; almost as if his mentor was talking to you too. Although his name is not revealed, which adds to his intriguing stature, the author's mentor commands your attention and respect ... His insights are truly thought provoking and will have you revisiting many of your own core beliefs!" - David P. Leib, Founder Mentorfly, www.mentorfly.com "I now know that a mentor is more than a confidant. It's a teacher, motivator and life-long friend. It is an important element of success." - Laura London, Cambridge University graduate student and former Director of International Alliances for Kaplan University Phillip C. Reinke is making "meaningful and significant positive differences in the lives of individuals and the performance of organizations." He is the founder of the Continuous Improvement Institute (Cii), which takes organizations from surviving to thriving. He lives in South Florida. http: //SBPRA.com/PhillipCReinke