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The High Calling: A Christian Physician's Journey Through The Career of Medicine

The High Calling: A Christian Physician's Journey Through The Career of Medicine

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From the day of his birth his grandfather was certain that Alessio Salsano would become a doctor. To become a physician was to reach the pinnacle of success, to achieve the ultimate goal. As soon as his tiny hands could hold on to things his father made sure he held books on science and medicine. Now, Dr. Salsano takes you on a journey through the life of a physician. Telling of his Italian heritage and upbringing as a child, he shares the details of establishing medicine as his career goal and his early search for life's meaning as he learned to embrace evangelical Christianity. This book chronicles medical school, falling in love, and the welding together of faith and science. It tells how Dr. Salsano came to reside in Virginia Beach where he started a private practice, and describes a personal revival of faith and how it impacted his practice of medicine. Revealing some of the most fascinating and trying times he has experienced in medicine, Dr. Salsano speaks to the medical student seeking this spiritually taxing career. Encouraging the reader with inspiring stories, he shows how combining science and faith in the everyday practice of medicine may be risky, but it is necessary to becoming a great doctor. It's a story of sacrifice, lawsuits, and testing of morals and ethics. Learn how one doctor nearly lost all confidence in his ability to help people, but fought the urge to flee, and stayed to fight. With God's help, he chose The High Calling.