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Steve Jobs (Chinese Edition)

Steve Jobs (Chinese Edition)

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"When Mike Moritz was still a reporter of Time in 1980s, Steve Jobs gave him the access to his life and all aspects of Apple with no limits. Steve was so rarely open because he believed he would design the first computer close to the soul Mac. He wanted someone to record the process. But in the interview, Moritz heard some bad information: Steve Jobs had a illegitimate daughter whom he was unwilling to admit. Thus, a computer eventually became the Person of the Year"" of ""Time"" rather than the 27-year-old Apple founder Steve Jobs. It caused two results: first, the Little Kingdom: The Private Story of Apple Computer - a foundational work of the biography of Steve Jobs and Apple; second, Steve Jobs decided to close his heart to all the reporters. Because of the Little Kingdom , Moritz and Jobs became enemies. Also because of the Little Kingdom , Moritz got to know Don. Valentine, founder of the Sequoia Capital, and joined the most famous venture capital firm in Silicon Valley and recognized worldwide as the ""Godfather of Venture"". In 2009, since Moritz wanted to look at Steve Jobs achievements from a more mature perspective, he revised this book and published it known as Return to the Little Kingdom .