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The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics

The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics

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Despite the growing importance of the Global Emerging Market (GEM) for the world’s business, economies, and politics, it has received a relatively scant amount of academic attention in business and economics courses. This textbook is the first to focus on the GEM and its strategic and economic characteristics. The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics describes the fundamental economic base and trends of the Global Marketplace as well as business and management development for the conditions of Emerging Market countries. Focusing on the formation of a strategic mindset and the decision making process, it explains how to analyze the basic economic factors and the Global Order and classify countries related to this new market of tremendous opportunities. Furthermore, the book includes recommendations on how to develop entry strategies for the GEM, work in it and create efficient management systems. Features include: Extensive tables, charts, and graphs illustrating the strategic considerations of the Global Marketplace and the GEM. End-of-chapter study questions Practical examples based on the author’s involvement in the development of the GEM, from both sides of the international transactions. This is the ideal guide for current business leaders and students on how to make strategic, symmetric, and asymmetric decisions related to the Global Emerging Market. Dr. Vladimir Kvint is Professor of Management Systems at LaSalle University (PA) and Head of the Department of Financial Strategy of the Moscow State University’s School of Economics. He also has extensive experience working in the US, Europe and Emerging Market countries, as an executive and advisor for businesses and government leaders.